Powered Paragliding Training With Team Fly Halo (Video)

This past August, Team Fly Halo added three new pilots to the sport of powered paragliding. It was really special being apart of their dream to fly. Team pilot Shane put together this video of our training, it really captures the vibes and fun we all had. It was an unforgettable time. Great job once again to Andy, Scott and Ryan!

Our training is more than just putting students in the air.   People that share the passion we do become instant friends for life, it really is an incredible experience! Flying like this will change your life forever.

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3 thoughts on “Powered Paragliding Training With Team Fly Halo (Video)

    • Hey Sal,

      We currently only teach in 3 areas of the USA – Oregon, California and Texas. To go other areas we need a minimum of 4 students. Give us a call sometime – 855 Fly Halo. We would love to discuss our training with you and answer any questions you may have.

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