Limited Time : $1,000 Off Glider Trade in Program

Starting February 21st we will be doing a $1,000 trade in when customers buy a new paraglider wing from us.    We don’t care what brand it is,  you trade it in and get $1,000 off the purchase of a new Gin glider.   Get rid of that old whip and start flying something fresh!  This offer is only valid for the first 5 people, don’t miss out.


Call or email us for details.  or 855-Fly-Halo.

Please note:  This offer only applies to Gin Gliders at this time.  If you’re looking for a different brand wing, ask us about it and we’ll work with you.

This deal lasts until 11:59pm EST, February 28, 2013.   Valid for USA Residents only.

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2 thoughts on “Limited Time : $1,000 Off Glider Trade in Program

  1. Hi can you please let me know how much the glider will cost with my trade in thanks
    My weight is 180lb what size wing would suit me

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