New Products Added From Gin, Nova, Parajet and Polini

We’re at it again, adding more products to the FlyHalo line up.    We’ve got both the Parajet Volution Thor 130 up as well as the Zenith Thor 130, both new for 2013.  Check out our Parajet Paramotors section for those listings.

We’ve also gone ahead and added the Gin Atlas, a great new free flight wing from Gin Paragliders.   The final product update is the addition of the Nova Mentor 3, ENB paragliding wing.   This new wing is making a lot of great noise in the industry.  The Nova Mentor 3 puts forth some new technology over other high end ENB gliders like the MacPara Eden 5 and the U-Turn Blacklight.   It’s definitely one to check out for the free flight focused pilot this year.   2013, the year of the EN-B!

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