Oregon Coast Paramotor Training Memorial Day Photos

Wow, what a fun time! We’re just getting back from the latest powered paragliding training in Oregon. We had some great students this session that really did amazingly well. Our Oregon coast locations for free flying and paramotoring are some of the all time best spots in the USA to train. Easy for us to say, right? Well, we’ve trained at quite a few sites around the USA and chose Oregon as our place of business for a reason.

Take advantage and be sure to make it out to one of our Oregon Coast paramotor training sessions, we expect to have 2 more full classes this summer before shifting training to Texas.  Visit our powered paragliding training page for more information and upcoming training dates.

Here are some pictures from the training!

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2 thoughts on “Oregon Coast Paramotor Training Memorial Day Photos

    • Hi Edwin,

      Training runs @ $2,500 our training membership. Once you pay, you are welcome back to any of our trainings for free. During your first visit, we cover the cost of lodging and provide the gear to train with. Blue skies!!

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