The Fabric of Paragliding (Video)

paraglider fabric

Often times (with anything in life) most of us never really take the time to analyze how things work.  I’ve always been one to try and figure the inner workings of things and see just how they tick.  Paraglider manufacturing is something that has always interested me but I didn’t realize just how in depth it really was.    Watch this video from Porcher Sport, it reminds me of an episode of ‘How It’s Made.’ Porcher Sport is one of the largest fabric manufacturers for paragliding companies.

Some may say – “So that’s why they’re so expensive.” Me personally, I find paragliders to be quite a bargain, i’m surprised they don’t cost a lot more! Next time your flying, take a look at that glider over head and try to appreciate all of the time, effort and energy that went into making it.

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