New Dates For Powered Paragliding Training – Galveston Texas

We hadn’t planned on doing another powered paragliding training course for the remainder of the year but with the interest we had over the last class, we decided to open up the gates once again for a final class in 2013.      The dates are October 19th-27th.

We are limiting this class to 3 students, on a first come, first serve basis.      The last day to sign up will be Friday, October 4th so we can make proper arrangements.

This class, like any other offered from Team Fly Halo runs @ $2,500 and includes lodging and gear usage for the first class as well as a lifetime membership to Team Fly Halo’s training course.

Our lifetime membership lets any pilot that trained with us come back free of charge to learn new skills or touch up on existing ones.

Thanks for choosing to work with Team Fly Halo!



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3 thoughts on “New Dates For Powered Paragliding Training – Galveston Texas

  1. I tried to sign up earlier but was told I needed gear.
    I’ve also been told not to buy gear until I learn how to fly.
    Are you guys going to furnish gear? Or do you only sell gear to beginners?
    You are the closest location. Galveston. I can drive down.
    Let me know about whether the training you are doing is With-or Without, PPG.

    • Rick, we’ll be in touch. Our Galveston location is farthest away from our home base so we try to have students buy motors to train on prior to starting as logistically it’s quite hard for us to get our motors to the coast. Wings are easy to send, motors are a bit heavier and much more expensive. So yes, generally we do provide all gear required for training.

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