Customer Reactions to The Dudek Snake

We’ve gotten feedback from our customers on the new Dudek Snake, here’s what we’re hearing about the most exciting reflex glider to hit the market in a long time –

I was blown away on the two short flights I had on the new Dudek 18m.  The 18m Snake had as much or more lift than any wing I currently own.   My first flight I was climbing while fumbling with my GPS and cameras.  Next thing I knew I looked down and thought WOW, how did I get this high up so fast?   I did a few hard asymmetric turns and dropped back down.   I started another climb and watched the GPS vertical speed peg 400 fpm consistently.   The next morning I got up and flew again for a second short flight to reaffirm my fun the day before.  This time I watched RPM on my Moster 185.  Level flight for me was around 6,200 rpm which is the same rpm’s required on my 22 GTR. 

 The 18 Snake easily climbed as good as my 22 GTR or my 23m EVO.   Order placed same day.  I think the 18m Snake will be a great fit in my wing collection.” 
– Eddie C
“You want to buy a LC18?  I’ll give you a good deal on it”
– Travis H
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