Come Join Us At The 2014 Arizona Flying Circus Feb 14-16th

Get ready for a flying event like no other you’ve experienced before.  Airplanes, helicopters, gyros, cannons, guns, and oh yea – lots of paramotors.   This fly in takes place every winter in sunny Arizona.   For the last few years, Mo Sheldon has been having the event at his own private airport – MoTown.     We’d love for you to join Team Fly Halo at this exciting event.

AZFlying Circus


For more information on the fly in or to register, please visit the official Arizona Flying Circus web page.  We’ll see you there!

Official St. Patricks Day Party Paramotor Training Event

Back by popular demand!

The Team Fly Halo Paramotor training and St. Patrick’s Day Party is officially on the books for March 14 – 23rd!

st patricks traing bash 01-14 (1)

Be sure to register for this course early, as our last class filled up 45 days out! This course will take place in our favorite Central California location – students just need to get themselves to the San Jose, CA airport and we get the rest!

Don’t miss another season thinking about taking the plunge! Get started early in 2014 with one of the most in-depth PPG training courses offered in the United States – stop dreaming and join the Team!

We’ve Got A Brother Down

Our powered paragliding community is a very tight knit group of guys and girls that absolutely love this sport.  We are really all just one big family and in times of need – we come together as one.

One of our good friends in this sport, Eric Farewell  had a bad crash yesterday morning and sustained a broken back.  Eric is currently being checked out by Doctors but reports are very good so far.  He doesn’t need surgery but will have a long road to a full recovery.

Eric has a very loving family who are there with him but we know things are going to be tough for them in the coming months as Eric recovers.    We want to help his family during this tough time and could use your help.     For the rest of the month, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Eric and his family from Team Fly Halo t-shirts sold.

100% of proceeds from all items in our SpreadShirt store will go to Eric and his family. – Shirts sold for Eric:  19

Don’t want to buy a t-shirt but still want to help?  Please visit  and send what you can for Eric and his awesome family.

You can get in touch with Eric on his FB page,  let him know he’s got friends all over the place and we are here to help!

p.s. Thanks Obama!


A Rewarding Tandem Flight with Shane and the SCOUT Paramotor

As pilots, we all remember our very first flight, that euphoric feeling you just can’t explain without actually experiencing it.     This past summer we had the opportunity to catch a really awesome reaction from a tandem passenger shortly after touch down with her pilot – Shane Denherder.

This is a short film shot and edited by our good friend Ryan Southwell.
We can always use more positive vibes in this sport so please, like and share with our community to keep things up beat.   The feeling of flying PPG is like no other form of flight, we want to bring more people into this sport who enjoy it as much as we do.  Reactions like this make it all worth while.  If you’re interested in a tandem paramotor flight, let us know!