Niviuk Kougar 2 Action Reel Video

The Niviuk Kougar 2 paramotor wing landed in the USA last week and we’ve been thrilled to say the least.   Unfortunately, weather has not been cooperating with us but we did manage to get in a short 20 minute flight to capture some rather stunning footage.  Thanks to James Allred for filming and editing,  you make us look good buddy!

We hope to get more testing in soon of the Niviuk Kougar 2 and we’ll be doing a detailed review in the near future.   The Niviuk Dobermann is also going to be coming over  the pond soon, we hope to see it in early July so we can begin testing on that as well.   Patience!! 🙂

Kevin Antholt’s Paramotor Training Testimonial

The Morro Bay training was fantastic!

When I had decided to get into the sport I researched different companies, people and the different programs that they offered. It was very confusing because I wanted to get safe complete training at a reasonable price. So who do you believe when everyone says they are the best and then bash the other guys. After speaking with Byron a few times on the phone I decided to sign up for the Morro Bay training class.

Some determining factors were it would be less risk to do the training on someone else’s equipment and make sure it was something I really could do.
I liked that Byron didn’t get into the bashing of other training programs but focused on what they do to make me a safe pilot.

Also liked the that when I brought up equipment purchase he slowed me down and said “let’s see how you fly first then we can make recommendations”. After the phone conversation I felt he had my interest in mind not just trying to make money.

Best decision I made! Shane, Byron and Boyd are not only great guys but have the experience and patience to train an 51 year old out of shape guy like me. They covered everything in detail, no pressure, learn at your pace, praise when you do it right and detailed instruction when it wasn’t without making you feel like a tool. I could remember questioning in my mind why we had to keep doing things so repetitively but when it came time to fly and the muscle memory kicked in it all made sense.

I also like the fact that the equipment they offer is top notch and tested by them before they even sell it. There was never any pressure to purchase anything which was nice also.

Having a private pilot’s license since the age of 18 I’m familiar with the concept of flying so I say this with a little bit of experience. If you are thinking of getting into this sport please don’t fall for the gimmick of getting trained in a few days on the equipment they make you purchase, it will take longer than that, it will take time to understand and build skills. Stay safe and go with the best, get trained with Team Fly Halo so you can make it a fun, confident and long lasting sport for yourself.

It’s Official, We’re Going Back! – Pacific City, Oregon Paramotor Training

It’s time to head up the coast to our summertime paramotor training location in Pacific City, Oregon.      Join us for our next training session July 25 – August 3rd.

What does it cost and what do you get?

Our course runs @ $2500.00 for a lifetime of training. What this means is after your initial training, you are welcome to attend any of our courses free of charge.

During your first trip out to us we cover the following:

Gear Rental
One unforgettable experience

We limit each class to 6 total students, 3 per instructor to give as much one on one time as possible.

The only thing we ask of you to bring to training is a great attitude and be ready to have tons of fun. If you would like to talk with any of our past students about our gear or our operation, please let us know or check out our paramotor training testimonials.

At this time, Team Fly Halo can administer USPPA ratings PPG1 – PPG3, and USHPA ratings P1 – P4.  Team Fly Halo Members will have what they need to be successful toward earning ratings.  A USPPA PPG2 rating (the standard) is very attainable within this time frame.  However this will vary depending upon individual ability, and weather conditions.  Naturally, we travel far and wide to seek the best training destinations to maximize your success, but there are some circumstances that can be out of our control. Students always have to option to come back to scheduled events to earn additional ratings if they desire

Flying in?

The closest major airport is Portland International (PDX). Contact us prior to booking your flight so we can ensure someone will be available to pick you up.

How do I sign up?

Contact us via email or give us a call @ 855-FLY-HALO.    We are looking forward to sharing the skies with you this summer!


SCOUT Paramotor Harness Load Tested to 5,058 LBS

SCOUT Paramotors has just passed a pretty significant milestone after completing EN testing on the SCOUT harness.  The load testing surpassed 5,000 pounds of pressure on the harness which is the equivalent to 15g’s!

The SCOUT harness is certified according to European Standard EN 1651 to 5,058.2025 pounds.

What does that even mean?  Pilots can fly the SCOUT with the comfort of knowing they can throw whatever they want at the SCOUT harness in an aerial assault of acro.  The SCOUT harness is up to the task.    A pilot with the in flight weight of 330 pounds (150KG) can pull a whopping 15G’s and maintain certification. The testing was done with the SCOUT swing arms and hinge system in place to ensure the SCOUT under load will handle extreme G forces.   At that amount of G force, they would be long passed out before any structural failures!

Congratulations to the SCOUT team in Slovakia as well as the gifted harness design company that helped make this a reality!


Endless Foot Drag Paramotor Fly In Event Recap

Nothing but good vibes at this years Endless Foot Drag Fly In.  Seriously, it was a great time had by all.   Britton Shaw of River Valley Paragliding was quite the host and even gave Jeff some delicious honey buns. What a nice guy!


The freshest guy in the sky – Photo by Blannie Wagner

Every single session we spent on the sod farm was flyable and pilots took full advantage.   We had a large number of pilots test fly the SCOUT paramotor and had great feedback from all.


Formation work – photo by Blannie Wagner

Thanks again River Valley Paragliding and Britton Shaw for being such great hosts.