Kevin Antholt’s Paramotor Training Testimonial

The Morro Bay training was fantastic!

When I had decided to get into the sport I researched different companies, people and the different programs that they offered. It was very confusing because I wanted to get safe complete training at a reasonable price. So who do you believe when everyone says they are the best and then bash the other guys. After speaking with Byron a few times on the phone I decided to sign up for the Morro Bay training class.

Some determining factors were it would be less risk to do the training on someone else’s equipment and make sure it was something I really could do.
I liked that Byron didn’t get into the bashing of other training programs but focused on what they do to make me a safe pilot.

Also liked the that when I brought up equipment purchase he slowed me down and said “let’s see how you fly first then we can make recommendations”. After the phone conversation I felt he had my interest in mind not just trying to make money.

Best decision I made! Shane, Byron and Boyd are not only great guys but have the experience and patience to train an 51 year old out of shape guy like me. They covered everything in detail, no pressure, learn at your pace, praise when you do it right and detailed instruction when it wasn’t without making you feel like a tool. I could remember questioning in my mind why we had to keep doing things so repetitively but when it came time to fly and the muscle memory kicked in it all made sense.

I also like the fact that the equipment they offer is top notch and tested by them before they even sell it. There was never any pressure to purchase anything which was nice also.

Having a private pilot’s license since the age of 18 I’m familiar with the concept of flying so I say this with a little bit of experience. If you are thinking of getting into this sport please don’t fall for the gimmick of getting trained in a few days on the equipment they make you purchase, it will take longer than that, it will take time to understand and build skills. Stay safe and go with the best, get trained with Team Fly Halo so you can make it a fun, confident and long lasting sport for yourself.

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