Parajet Paramotors Volution Custom Line Up

volution-custom-intro-bgParajet Volution Custom

A Parajet….your way. Volution airframe with your choice of engine.

Imagine if you could combine Parajet’s evolutionary and world renowned paramotor chassis with your favourite engine of choice to give you the ultimate paramotor? Well now you can! Enter the Parajet Volution Custom chassis.

The Volution Custom maximizes the distinct features and adaptability of the Parajet paramotor. The Volution Custom’s strong, yet lightweight high-tension aluminium chassis and aerofoil cage provides an improved power-to-weight ratio for enhanced handling and in-flight maneuverability. This design feature wide profile chassis uprights and laser-cut aluminium engine mounts to provide unmatched rigidity and high strength just where it’s really needed.

With a choice of nearly a half dozen engines, the Volution Custom enables you to refine your air frame even more, to create a paramotor that is perfect for both beginner and advanced pilots. The Volution Custom will enable you to fly the paramotor you’ve always wanted.


Aluminium Chassis

parajet_chassis Unmatched rigidity and strength

The Volution Custom’s unique chassis has been designed to give pilots greater control, both on the ground and in the air. The lightweight, high tension chassis helps improve power-to-weight ratio for enhanced ground handling and in-flight maneuverability. While the wide profile aluminium uprights offer unmatched rigidity and impact resistance.


Unique Aerofoil Cage


Compact and transportable

The super-strong aerofoil cage offers strength and aerodynamic styling that is instantly recognisable as Parajet. The unique cage system splits into three sections and enables the Volution Custom to be put together in seconds, and once dismantled can fit into the boot of your car. The Volution Custom comes in both netted and aluminium configurations.

Low Hang-points


Responsive handling through weight-shift

The Volution Custom’s low hang-point configuration improves manoeuvrability giving the pilot precise and responsive handling through weight-shift and improved feedback from the wing. The pivot arms are securely fitted with the revolutionary locking system that retains the pivot arm pin once the paramotor has been assembled.

Lightweight Harness


Exception comfort on the ground and in the air

The lightweight harness ergonomically fits to the pilot, redistributing the weight more evenly across the centre of the back. This new rucksack-style configuration offers increased load stability, resulting in less strain and fatigue during launch. The higher leg straps gives greater tolerance for wrongful adjustment and guarantees that you’ll get in and out of the seat every time.

Choice of 4+ Engine Configurations

Polini_Thor130Polini Thor 130

The Volution Custom chassis fitted with the world renowned Polini Thor 130 2-stroke engine. Now with Flash start and float bulb as standard.


Overall Weight: 27.5KG

Engine Type: 130cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 13.8KG

Power output: 22hp

Static Thrust: 65KG (143lb/s)

Starter: pull start (flash)

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber


Polini_thor200Polini Thor 200

The Volution Custom chassis fitted with the Polini Thor 200 engine. The 193cc 2-stroke engine is more powerful than the Thor 100 and is the engine of choice for British Champion Dean Eldridge.


Overall Weight: 30.5KG

Engine Type: 193cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 18.5KG

Power output: 29hp

Static Thrust: 80KG (176/lb/s)

Starter: flash start or electric

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber

Bailey_v5engineBailey V5

The Volution Custom chassis fitted with the Bailey V5 engine for customers wanting a 4-stroke option. The 195cc engine is lightweight and has an easy start system.


Overall Weight: 28KG

Engine Type: 195cc 4 stroke

Engine Weight: 15.8KG

Power output:

Static Thrust: 60kg (132lb/s)

Starter: pull start

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber

vittorazi-moster185Vittorazi Moster 185

The Volution Custom chassis fitted with the Vittorazi Moster 185 engine. The lightweight but powerful 2-stroke engine produces 75kg thrust.


Overall Weight: 27KG

Engine Type: 185cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 12.9kg

Power output: 25hp

Static Thrust: 68kg (149lb/s)

Starter: pull start

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber

Looking for other motor options?   Let us know,  we can adapt nearly any paramotor engine to the Volution Custom chassis.   The engines listed above are ones we recommend most.