Parajet Zenith Paramotor Line Up


The revolutionary new Zenith


The Zenith is the world’s first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight maneuverability.

When you strap on the new Zenith, it will be instantly clear on what the fuss is all about. A paramotor manufactured by robots to give unrivaled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body, yes – it’s that good.

The new Zenith is the future of paramotoring and capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

Priced from $4,750.00




Groundbreaking Construction


Strong, precise & adaptable

A revolution in paramotor design and engineering, the Zenith is the world’s first paramotor to be made entirely from CNC-machined parts ensuring unrivalled precision and consistency in its production… 0 welds!

Lightweight Chassischassis -zenith

Less weight, more strength

Traditionally lighter paramotors are weak and lack the ability to do powered forward launches, while stronger paramotors are heavy and cumbersome. In contrast, the Zenith’s revolutionary lightweight chassis design incorporates enhanced engineering making it the best of both worlds.

Aerodynamic & Aero-Efficient


Enhanced power distribution & engine efficiency

The Zenith’s unique chassis has been designed to create exceptional dynamics and efficiency combined with an engaging flying experience synonymous with Parajet…Enhanced power distribution & engine efficiency make for one smooth ride.

Industry Leading Designzenith_spars

Extending the cutting edge

Every paramotor built by Parajet, every innovation they create, embodies a unique character. The designers at Parajet work side-by-side with world class team pilots and in turn, give pilots an unrivaled level of quality.  Not to mention, plenty of customization options to make your Zenith uniquely yours.


Choose Your Zenith Engine Configuration


Zenith Polini Thor 130

The Zenith chassis fitted with the world renowned Polini Thor 130 2-stroke engine. Now with Flash start and float bulb as standard.


Overall Weight: 24.9KG

Engine Type: 130cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 13.8KG

Power output: 22hp

Static Thrust: 65KG (143lb/s)

Starter: pull start (flash)

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber

Polini_thor200Zenith Polini Thor 200

The Zenith chassis fitted with the Polini Thor 200 engine. The 193cc 2-stroke engine is more powerful than the Thor 130 and is the engine of choice for Team Fly Halo pilot’s Shane and Jeff.


Overall Weight: 28KG

Engine Type: 193cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 18.5KG

Power output: 29hp

Static Thrust: 80KG (176/lb/s)

Starter: flash start or electric

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber


Zenith Bailey V5

The Zenith chassis fitted with the Bailey V5 engine for customers wanting a 4-stroke option. The 195cc engine is lightweight and has an easy start system.


Overall Weight: 30KG

Engine Type: 195cc 4 stroke

Engine Weight: 15.8KG

Power output: 20.5hp

Static Thrust: 60kg (132lb/s)

Starter: pull start

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber


Zenith Vittorazi Moster 185

The Zenith chassis fitted with the Vittorazi Moster 185 engine. The lightweight but powerful 2-stroke engine produces 75kg thrust.


Overall Weight: 24KG

Engine Type: 185cc 2 stroke

Engine Weight: 12.9kg

Power output: 25hp

Static Thrust: 68kg (149lb/s)

Starter: pull start

Propeller: 2 blade carbon fiber

Looking for other motor options?   Let us know,  we can adapt nearly any paramotor engine to the Zenith chassis.   The engines listed above are ones we recommend most.  Call or email for details.  855 -FLY-HALO |