Paramotor Clinic July 8th-17th

Join Team Fly Halo for our Mid-Summer Paramotor training clinic July 8th-17th in Eureka California. We’re kicking off with another ten-day session of drilling in the fundamentals, attitude, and knowledge that’ll make you successful for a lifetime of powered paragliding.  We have dozens and dozens of success stories over the past three years of students who left our class with an above-average skill set and have been killing it ever since.  What’s our secret?  We know that aviation is a lifetime of learning, and we’re humble enough to stay open-minded about our approach.

Training isn’t something you do once and “graduate” from for life.  And we apply that to our own course by seeking out the best training and latest techniques for ourselves – so that we can apply our well-rounded skill set to our school.  What you get is the best techniques and practices learned from our background in paramotoring, free flying, cross country, aerobatics, speed flying, and even general aviation knowledge.

But it doesn’t stop with your initial training.  All Team members in good standing have the option to return to scheduled classes to get current, learn new skills, or just come out and meet new flying friends.  We offer tandem and instructor training for our veterans, while giving them an opportunity to work with new Team members to get practical experience teaching.  We arrange advanced maneuvers and emergency training through our partners for intermediate pilots too.

Call or email us for more information.

Paramotor Training Spooky Sesh – October 17-26th, Morro Bay California

Team Fly Halo is gearing up for yet another paramotor training session in Morro Bay, this October 17-26th.   Halloween costumes are optional,  come on out and lets get you airborne!

Please contact us for additional details on the class or any questions you may have @ / 855-FLY-HALO

Morro Bay, CA has officially become our training headquarters this year and we will now predominately have classes at this location. In the past we have spread out our events through out the year in California, Oregon and Texas.After teaching in these locations for 2 years, Morro Bay has stood out to us as being the top location for putting out the best pilots. The weather is better and the location is an ideal training environment. We’re all about our students success and we now feel that it’s best reached at our Morro Bay location.

Come join us in Morro Bay from October 17th through the 26th and we’ll take you on one unforgettable flying adventure. Flying in? We can pick you up from San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP).

What does it cost and what do you get?
Our course runs @ $2500.00 and here’s what you get-
Gear Rental
Equipment Demo’s
We limit each class to 6 total students, 3 per instructor to give as much one on one time as possible.

Please note that we require payment up front for this course.   We typically book accommodations with beach houses and in order to do that, we need confirmation that students are 100% locked in, otherwise we are out some very expensive rental fees.     For this reason, we ask that you try to not to procrastinate joining too long 🙂

For the full details on our course and what we’re all about, please visit our paramotor training page.