The Proper Paraglider Wing Fold – Motor Minute #10

Anytime us motor pilots need to pack our wing down small, a lot of us are dumbfound at how to get properly fold the wing.   Well, we’ve finally released the secret.   ParaPlanking!   Seriously though,  if you need to pack your paraglider down small, follow this technique.   This method keeps the glider in great shape and lets you ship your wing for less!


Our buddies at SuperFly usually have some great stories of motor pilot wing repairs,  it seems a lot of people literally just stuff the glider in a box and send it off!    We hope you find this video beneficial and that it helps you the next time you need to get your wing folded right.

This marks Motor Minute number 10, thank you everyone for the great feedback, we plan to keep pumping these out! If you have any ideas for the next Motor Minute, let us know in the comments below.