Last Chance Summer Dance – August 28th to September 6th in Morro Bay, CA

The schedule is up, and it’s your last chance to grab a Summer training session with Team Fly Halo for 2015!

August 28th we’ll kick off with another ten-day session of drilling in the fundamentals, attitude, and knowledge that’ll make you successful for a lifetime of powered paragliding.  We have dozens and dozens of success stories over the past three years of students who left our class with an above-average skill set and have been killing it ever since.  What’s our secret?  We know that aviation is a lifetime of learning, and we’re humble enough to stay open-minded about our approach.

Training isn’t something you do once and “graduate” from for life.  And we apply that to our own course by seeking out the best training and latest techniques for ourselves – so that we can apply our well-rounded skill set to our school.  What you get is the best techniques and practices learned from our background in paramotoring, free flying, cross country, aerobatics, speed flying, and even general aviation knowledge.

But it doesn’t stop with your initial training.  All Team members in good standing have the option to return to scheduled classes to get current, learn new skills, or just come out and meet new flying friends.  We offer tandem and instructor training for our veterans, while giving them an opportunity to work with new Team members to get practical experience teaching.  We arrange advanced maneuvers and emergency training through our partners for intermediate pilots too.  We also offer advanced PPG mountain / high altitude / cross country courses for our students.  As well as offering free-flight transition courses in Utah and will be offering guided Paragliding tours in Mexico beginning Winter of 2016!

If you’re not able to make this course – don’t sweat it!  We’re going to be a bit preoccupied with the Icarus Trophy 2015 through the Fall, but will pick up our training schedule with sessions in late November and late January.

The “Team” in Team Fly Halo refers to the way we conduct our biz. When you join Team Fy Halo, you’re part of a community that perpetuates better, safer flying and a more enjoyable experience.  We want you to grow with us, and it starts with making sure everyone is a good fit for our team – driven, intelligent, and understands the value in above-average instruction and equipment.

If that sounds like you, drop us a note at or call us at 855-FLY-HALO today and say hello!

Team Fly Halo Powered Paragliding Training Reviewed By Jay H

Over the past 8 days I had the opportunity to receive training from the instructors at Team FlyHalo just outside of Galveston Texas. Being new to the sport, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From the onset, Shane Denherder put the students at ease and gave a great intro into kiting and the proper techniques of handling the wing.

You could tell that there was a genuine interest from the instructors to ensure that each student was safe and had a good understanding of the syllabus and what was expected for the next week. Kiting and form was instructed during the mornings and evenings when the wind was preferable. Ground school was held indoors during the heat of the day.

All the basis were covered from airspace, FAA regs, gear, handling the wing, motor maintenance, and proper set up of rigging. These guys were extremely thorough! When the time came to solo, we had a genuine comfort level from the preparedness we had received. They wanted to make sure that each of us had the knowledge and tools to make a successful and enjoyable solo flight.

For anyone considering getting into power paragliding, instruction and training is a must and the group at Team FlyHalo are the best in the field.  Training with them is a great confidence builder and it prepares you far beyond what you could do on your own.  Another added benefit is being able to use them as resources, bounce ideas, and ask questions even after the training is over and you’ve gone home- they are very responsive. I highly recommend this group of instructors and I will continue to use them for future training.  They get five stars in my book.

Stay safe,
Jay Howard

Spring Powered Paragliding Training April 19th – April 28th

Our February training session has just officially kicked off.   If you missed out,  don’t worry – we’re heading back to California in April.   This time we’ll be hanging in the Monterrey area.   Students can fly into San Jose where we will pick you up and bring  you down to our powered paragliding training location.   This new spot is going to be awesome for teaching with miles of soar-able beach!!

The dates will be April 19 – April 28th.    Shoot us an email or give us a call for more information!

Need more motivation?   Watch our training video below or check out our student feedback section that we recently updated.


Students Soloed, Awesome Labor Day Training Session

Team Fly Halo had a major success during it’s first official training in Pacific City, Oregon- adding 4 new members to TFH!    We had a great turn out with past alumni and our current students.   The condition were great for dialing in top notch kiting skills and even some ridge soaring!   When it came time to motor, everyone did great.  All of the students loved the Parajet Volution on the ground and even more so in the air.  The Volution performed perfectly for us all.  Equipped with the Thor 100, it had plenty of power for a wide range of pilot weights.

Andy, our newest member of Team Fly Halo was able to make his dreams come true and take flight, not letting a prosthetic leg get in his way.  He was truly an inspiration for us all.  We are happy he chose Team Fly Halo and even more happy we we’re able to share such a special moment with him.     We’ve got lots of video and pictures on the way so keep checking back.

Welcome to the team Scott, Andy, Jim and Ryan!

If you missed out on this training, no worries!  We have already scheduled the next session in Galveston, Texas.  We will be conducting training down there from November 2nd to the 9th, see you there.