Oregon Powered Paragliding Training Video By Eddie Carter

Eddie Carter came out to fly with Team Fly Halo this past July and put together a really awesome clip of his time with us during our powered paragliding training. This video just gives you a glimpse of what it’s like training with us as well as the shenanigans that take place on the trip.  We like to make the time you spend with us very memorable with a focus on safety and FUN! Friendships that last a lifetime are pretty standard when you spend a week with us.



We are looking forward to continuing these trips so if you’re interested in signing up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Eddie,  please come out to every training trip we do.  Between the photos and now this video, you rock man!

Paramotor Training Schedule for August and September

Our July paramotor training session is fully underway.   We completely sold out of our July class and are expecting the same to happen in August.      If you’re considering training with Fly Halo,  be sure to get in contact with us before we run out of space.

Our upcoming training schedule is as follows:

Summer Season

Pacific City, OR : August 24-September 2nd   – 4 more spots available.  This is the last training in Oregon before we move to Galveston for the Fall season.

Fall Season

Galveston, TX:   September 14-22 – 4 more spots available.  


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more pictures from our July class,  the guys are currently having a ton of fun kiting and soaring the giant sand dunes in Pacific, City.  They will soon be strapping on motor in the coming days and taking their first motor flights!


Oregon Coast Paramotor Training Memorial Day Photos

Wow, what a fun time! We’re just getting back from the latest powered paragliding training in Oregon. We had some great students this session that really did amazingly well. Our Oregon coast locations for free flying and paramotoring are some of the all time best spots in the USA to train. Easy for us to say, right? Well, we’ve trained at quite a few sites around the USA and chose Oregon as our place of business for a reason.

Take advantage and be sure to make it out to one of our Oregon Coast paramotor training sessions, we expect to have 2 more full classes this summer before shifting training to Texas.  Visit our powered paragliding training page for more information and upcoming training dates.

Here are some pictures from the training!

Oregon Paramotor Training Scheduled July 20-28, 2013

powered paragliding training

We put the training dates in your hands and now have locked into our next class for Summer 2013.  Be sure to write down July 20 – 28th on your calenders and come have a blast with us in Oregon.   We will be teaching paramotor training on the coast, most likely in Pacific City, OR.

Our powered paragliding classes are filling up quickly this summer, everyone loves Oregon!   We expect this to be a full class so if you’re interested in joining us, don’t procrastinate too long. We don’t want to be the guys that tell you the class is full.

See you all in July!

Oh, and if you need any motivation,   just watch our youtube videos and get ready for the time of your life!

Chad Vermillion Talks Team Fly Halo Paramotor Training

“I had the privilege of training with both Byron and Shane of team fly halo. There are many things that I will say about them but the thing that stands out to me the most is how conscientious they were about my safety above all. The spent countless hours drilling basic wing-handling skills into me instead of giving me “just enough” to get me into the air. I have come to realize just how important these skills are for a ppg pilot to obtain to remain safe throughout his years as a pilot. They wouldn’t let me fly until I had first mastered the wing, even though it meant hard work for me.

The second thing I will say about them is their patience and work ethic knows no bounds. I came to training to learn and not waste time. They were with me on the beach sunrise to sunset EVERYDAY and put just as much into my training as I did. They taught me not just how to fly but also when not to fly, how to read the weather, and how to prevent accidents. They didn’t treat this time as “a vacation” to the beach. Rather, I felt like their most important client which pretty much bonded me to these guys for life.

Also, something that told me a lot about their character is how well they maintain their equipment and train students to do the same. This is my life after all and they showed me they took my well-being seriously.

Finally, they continue to support me long after training is over. When you train with these guys, you get instructors for life. This is so important for a ppg pilot as you encounter new things everyday and need a good support team in place to answer the questions that arise. These guys aren’t just top-shelf instructors, they are great guys and now awesome friends of mine. Byron looks like a pirate and is a lousy fisherman. Shane wears weird hats and listens to Beyonce but I don’t hold all this against them :-) ”

– Chad Vermillion

Powered Paragliding Training With Team Fly Halo (Video)

This past August, Team Fly Halo added three new pilots to the sport of powered paragliding. It was really special being apart of their dream to fly. Team pilot Shane put together this video of our training, it really captures the vibes and fun we all had. It was an unforgettable time. Great job once again to Andy, Scott and Ryan!

Our training is more than just putting students in the air.   People that share the passion we do become instant friends for life, it really is an incredible experience! Flying like this will change your life forever.

Team Fly Halo Featured in Central Oregon Living Magazine

Team Fly Halo was recently featured in Central Oregon Living thanks to Jared Leisek and his awesome new company Snip Films.  Jared has been shooting amazing footage from the air with his powered paraglider and produced some fantastic videos which can be seen on his youtube channel.   Check out the section about Team Fly Halo  training on page 3.

Click on the image below to read about Jared’s awesome adventures and learn more about our PPG training.


Galveston Training Session, November 2nd-9th

We have 4 spots still open for our Galveston, Texas training to be held November 2nd through the 9th.    Two spots have already been filled.  If you’re on the fence about training give us a call or talk to some of our past students to hear more about our training.       When everyone else is freezing cold, we will be down on the USA’s 3rd coast enjoying sunshine and the warm gulf breeze.     This trip will make a wonderful family vacation but more importantly,  it’s the ideal location to learn to fly a powered paraglider!

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