Team Fly Halo Powered Paragliding Training Reviewed By Jay H

Over the past 8 days I had the opportunity to receive training from the instructors at Team FlyHalo just outside of Galveston Texas. Being new to the sport, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. From the onset, Shane Denherder put the students at ease and gave a great intro into kiting and the proper techniques of handling the wing.

You could tell that there was a genuine interest from the instructors to ensure that each student was safe and had a good understanding of the syllabus and what was expected for the next week. Kiting and form was instructed during the mornings and evenings when the wind was preferable. Ground school was held indoors during the heat of the day.

All the basis were covered from airspace, FAA regs, gear, handling the wing, motor maintenance, and proper set up of rigging. These guys were extremely thorough! When the time came to solo, we had a genuine comfort level from the preparedness we had received. They wanted to make sure that each of us had the knowledge and tools to make a successful and enjoyable solo flight.

For anyone considering getting into power paragliding, instruction and training is a must and the group at Team FlyHalo are the best in the field.  Training with them is a great confidence builder and it prepares you far beyond what you could do on your own.  Another added benefit is being able to use them as resources, bounce ideas, and ask questions even after the training is over and you’ve gone home- they are very responsive. I highly recommend this group of instructors and I will continue to use them for future training.  They get five stars in my book.

Stay safe,
Jay Howard

New Dates For Powered Paragliding Training – Galveston Texas

We hadn’t planned on doing another powered paragliding training course for the remainder of the year but with the interest we had over the last class, we decided to open up the gates once again for a final class in 2013.      The dates are October 19th-27th.

We are limiting this class to 3 students, on a first come, first serve basis.      The last day to sign up will be Friday, October 4th so we can make proper arrangements.

This class, like any other offered from Team Fly Halo runs @ $2,500 and includes lodging and gear usage for the first class as well as a lifetime membership to Team Fly Halo’s training course.

Our lifetime membership lets any pilot that trained with us come back free of charge to learn new skills or touch up on existing ones.

Thanks for choosing to work with Team Fly Halo!



Powered Paragliding Instructor and Tandem Rating Clinic – Galveston Texas

Team Fly Halo is teaming up with Parafreedom Air Sports on the Gulf Coast in September to conduct a beginner PPG/PG clinic from the 14th through the 22nd.

For the first time, we’re excited to be offering both Instructor and Tandem ratings through the USPPA for qualified Advanced pilots, as well as a skills clinic for those pilots wishing to improve their own flying or earn initial/advanced ratings.  Those pilots interested would be attending a clinic that runs concurrently with our novice pilot’s clinic, having a chance to work with live students and advanced instructors Bud Wruck and Shane Denherder.

Those pilots interested in improving their skills, earning additional ratings, or earning Instructor/Tandem ratings in a controlled training environment would be invited to attend Sept 17 – 21st.  No matter what your experience level, we are sure to be able to help you be safer, have more fun, and look much cooler in all things related to paramotor!  Contact Team Fly Halo for more information or to reserve your spot today!

Please note that not every applicant will be qualified for Tandem/Instructor ratings and therefore no rating is guaranteed.  Please contact Shane at Team Fly Halo to discuss your knowledge, skills, and experience.  We will be sure to thoroughly screen all prospective instructor/tandem pilots to ensure a reasonable expectation of success.  At a very minimum, you must have two years flying PPG and USPPA PPG3 or USHPA P-4 level skills.  Instructor / Tandem trainees can expect a minimum of one day screening/tuning up before beginning to work with students or fly tandem as pilot in command.

Oregon Powered Paragliding Training Video By Eddie Carter

Eddie Carter came out to fly with Team Fly Halo this past July and put together a really awesome clip of his time with us during our powered paragliding training. This video just gives you a glimpse of what it’s like training with us as well as the shenanigans that take place on the trip.  We like to make the time you spend with us very memorable with a focus on safety and FUN! Friendships that last a lifetime are pretty standard when you spend a week with us.



We are looking forward to continuing these trips so if you’re interested in signing up, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Eddie,  please come out to every training trip we do.  Between the photos and now this video, you rock man!

Galveston Paramotor Training Fast Approaching – September 14-22nd

We are a little under a month away from our Galveston paramotor training course being held September 14-22nd.   Galveston is one of our premier training locations,  with miles and miles of great beach flying!     In order for us to arrange proper lodging, we need to have attendance numbers set by August 25th.  We will stop allowing sign ups for this class on August 25th so if you are interested in attending, please consider letting us know before then 🙂   

Brand new pilot?  Team Fly Halo’s powered paragliding course is one of the most thorough training classes in the industry.  Our instructors have a long list of prerequisites allowing us to have a very unique training approach that turns out great pilots class after class.

Current pilot?   Ask us about our advanced pilot course and come learn some new skills!

For more information on the course or our paramotor training in general, please email us or give us a call 855-FLY-HALO


Paramotor Training Schedule for August and September

Our July paramotor training session is fully underway.   We completely sold out of our July class and are expecting the same to happen in August.      If you’re considering training with Fly Halo,  be sure to get in contact with us before we run out of space.

Our upcoming training schedule is as follows:

Summer Season

Pacific City, OR : August 24-September 2nd   – 4 more spots available.  This is the last training in Oregon before we move to Galveston for the Fall season.

Fall Season

Galveston, TX:   September 14-22 – 4 more spots available.  


Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more pictures from our July class,  the guys are currently having a ton of fun kiting and soaring the giant sand dunes in Pacific, City.  They will soon be strapping on motor in the coming days and taking their first motor flights!

Team Fly Halo Paragliding and Motoring Training Reviewed By Adam Broadway

adam broadway kiting

30 years ago, the training I got to perform CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) was “the right way”.

And it saved lives.

Since then, better CPR techniques have been adapted and more lives saved than the “old way”.

It might seem like a strange analogy, but the same could be considered for paragliding and PPG training techniques

I started free flying paraglider’s 16 years ago off the coast of Melbourne, Australia and in-land in the gorgeous green mountains of Bright.

What I learned then was popular ‘conventional wisdom’, “the right way” to fly.

I spent the last 2 years trawling every forum, watching all the videos, emailing and phoning various people before commiting to a training camp with Fly Halo.

In the first 2 hours of training with Byron of Team Fly Halo he’d undone years of ‘conventional wisdom’ and took my take-off, ground-handling and kiting skills to another level of awesome. Life saving stuff.

If you’ve been free flying for years and want to learn PPG AND get any old habits dealt with, then check them out.

Best week I’ve had in a very long time.

Attentive – Byron was not distracted by phone calls, doing deals or having overly large class sizes.
Byron’s laser focus was on the students the whole time. All day. Every day.

Patient – I asked the same question over and over again (I’m a little slower than most) and was never made to feel stupid or inferior.
Byron showed a technique, then watched me, corrected, watched, corrected until I got it right.

Knowledgeable – Every question asked were answered immediately with clear answers.
Based on his real-life experience.

Good Blokes – I’ve interacted with Jeff, Shane and Byron and it’s always been professional and a whole lot of fun.

If you’re thinking about learning Powered Paragliding or transferring your free-flight paragliding knowledge to PPG, then definitely contact Team Fly Halo.

I’m looking forward to many years of safe, fun and respectful flying thanks to their training.

Feel free to contact me directly to verify this testimonial.
(It’s not one of those crowd-sourced fake ones I’ve found on other sites).

Oregon Paramotor Training Scheduled July 20-28, 2013

powered paragliding training

We put the training dates in your hands and now have locked into our next class for Summer 2013.  Be sure to write down July 20 – 28th on your calenders and come have a blast with us in Oregon.   We will be teaching paramotor training on the coast, most likely in Pacific City, OR.

Our powered paragliding classes are filling up quickly this summer, everyone loves Oregon!   We expect this to be a full class so if you’re interested in joining us, don’t procrastinate too long. We don’t want to be the guys that tell you the class is full.

See you all in July!

Oh, and if you need any motivation,   just watch our youtube videos and get ready for the time of your life!

Summer 2013 Powered Paragliding Training

andy herbst solo paragliders smile

Things are firing up here at Team Fly Halo. We have just sold out our training class for Memorial Day, May 25-June 2nd. Missed out? We’re trying something new for June-September’s training sessions.

It’s a revolutionary new idea called, first come – first serve 🙂 Make us work for you by choosing the dates you want to train. We will build up a class around you!

Not sure you want to train with us? Hear what our past students have to say on our powered paragliding training testimonials page.

powered paragliding training fun

Spring Powered Paragliding Training April 19th – April 28th

Our February training session has just officially kicked off.   If you missed out,  don’t worry – we’re heading back to California in April.   This time we’ll be hanging in the Monterrey area.   Students can fly into San Jose where we will pick you up and bring  you down to our powered paragliding training location.   This new spot is going to be awesome for teaching with miles of soar-able beach!!

The dates will be April 19 – April 28th.    Shoot us an email or give us a call for more information!

Need more motivation?   Watch our training video below or check out our student feedback section that we recently updated.


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