Last Chance Summer Dance – August 28th to September 6th in Morro Bay, CA

The schedule is up, and it’s your last chance to grab a Summer training session with Team Fly Halo for 2015!

August 28th we’ll kick off with another ten-day session of drilling in the fundamentals, attitude, and knowledge that’ll make you successful for a lifetime of powered paragliding.  We have dozens and dozens of success stories over the past three years of students who left our class with an above-average skill set and have been killing it ever since.  What’s our secret?  We know that aviation is a lifetime of learning, and we’re humble enough to stay open-minded about our approach.

Training isn’t something you do once and “graduate” from for life.  And we apply that to our own course by seeking out the best training and latest techniques for ourselves – so that we can apply our well-rounded skill set to our school.  What you get is the best techniques and practices learned from our background in paramotoring, free flying, cross country, aerobatics, speed flying, and even general aviation knowledge.

But it doesn’t stop with your initial training.  All Team members in good standing have the option to return to scheduled classes to get current, learn new skills, or just come out and meet new flying friends.  We offer tandem and instructor training for our veterans, while giving them an opportunity to work with new Team members to get practical experience teaching.  We arrange advanced maneuvers and emergency training through our partners for intermediate pilots too.  We also offer advanced PPG mountain / high altitude / cross country courses for our students.  As well as offering free-flight transition courses in Utah and will be offering guided Paragliding tours in Mexico beginning Winter of 2016!

If you’re not able to make this course – don’t sweat it!  We’re going to be a bit preoccupied with the Icarus Trophy 2015 through the Fall, but will pick up our training schedule with sessions in late November and late January.

The “Team” in Team Fly Halo refers to the way we conduct our biz. When you join Team Fy Halo, you’re part of a community that perpetuates better, safer flying and a more enjoyable experience.  We want you to grow with us, and it starts with making sure everyone is a good fit for our team – driven, intelligent, and understands the value in above-average instruction and equipment.

If that sounds like you, drop us a note at or call us at 855-FLY-HALO today and say hello!

We’ve Got A Brother Down

Our powered paragliding community is a very tight knit group of guys and girls that absolutely love this sport.  We are really all just one big family and in times of need – we come together as one.

One of our good friends in this sport, Eric Farewell  had a bad crash yesterday morning and sustained a broken back.  Eric is currently being checked out by Doctors but reports are very good so far.  He doesn’t need surgery but will have a long road to a full recovery.

Eric has a very loving family who are there with him but we know things are going to be tough for them in the coming months as Eric recovers.    We want to help his family during this tough time and could use your help.     For the rest of the month, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Eric and his family from Team Fly Halo t-shirts sold.

100% of proceeds from all items in our SpreadShirt store will go to Eric and his family. – Shirts sold for Eric:  19

Don’t want to buy a t-shirt but still want to help?  Please visit  and send what you can for Eric and his awesome family.

You can get in touch with Eric on his FB page,  let him know he’s got friends all over the place and we are here to help!

p.s. Thanks Obama!


Paramotor and B.A.S.E. Huck Fest in Twin Falls, ID

paramotor flying twin falls idaho

Here’s the latest from Team Fly Halo pilot Shane Denherder.


Shane met up with Brad on his way out to Oregon powered paragliding training last month for some flying fun.

Shane and Brad encountered some B.A.S.E. jumpers going for it at one of the most premier sites in the USA. Once they saw what was going down, they had to partake in the excitement. Timing jumps with rapid descents and asymmetric spirals, awesome video Shane!

In this video, Shane is flying the all new SCOUT Carbon Fiber Paramotor while Brad is flying a blacked out Parajet Volution Thor 200.

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Testing of Parajet’s New Acro Strap equipped Zenith

Team pilot Shane Denherder has been testing Parajet‘s new acro strap system for the Zenith.   Parajet’s R&D lab came out with this system to allow acro pilots to be able to go into any maneuver they so choose now without worrying about the swing arms getting warped from the G’s.   We will have this system available in the near future but as of now it is still in the testing stage.

Shane put together this cool clip of him testing the system out, enjoy!