Endless Foot Drag Paramotor Fly In Event Recap

Nothing but good vibes at this years Endless Foot Drag Fly In.  Seriously, it was a great time had by all.   Britton Shaw of River Valley Paragliding was quite the host and even gave Jeff some delicious honey buns. What a nice guy!


The freshest guy in the sky – Photo by Blannie Wagner

Every single session we spent on the sod farm was flyable and pilots took full advantage.   We had a large number of pilots test fly the SCOUT paramotor and had great feedback from all.


Formation work – photo by Blannie Wagner

Thanks again River Valley Paragliding and Britton Shaw for being such great hosts.

Porta Potty Speed Flying With Shane

Come take a ride with Shane as he enjoys a speed flying session at Point of the Mountain, Utah.  Speed flying skills translate to better and more efficient launches & landings with any wing you’re flying.

We’re gearing up to start running some speed flying clinics in the near future, if this is something you would be interested in, give us a shout!

Team Fly Halo’s Kankakee Fly In Plans – SCOUT Paramotor

We know many of you are anxious to see the new age SCOUT paramotor at this years Kankakee Fly in.  We will have the Scout on display, but it will not be available for demo flights to the general public.  Some reviews are being conducted, and we want to ensure that it’s intact for the fly in.

Demo Equipment Available – 

Gin Vantage 22m – $3100 show special
Gin Mirage 26m – $3400 show special
Gin Yeti 40m with rigid container – – $900 show special

Shane will be on site Friday and Saturday and will be filming launches for the “Coolest Launch” contest.  Make sure to come say hello, introduce yourself, and make it look good.  Winner will be getting a Sena Bluetooth device.

Shane will also be conducting a short clinic on the basics of a paramotor reserve.  Installation, when to throw, why you should use, and some tech info on different reserves will all be covered.  Free of charge, can’t beat that!  Come by and check it out.  

Bring your cameras, we’ll see you in the sky.

Paramotor and B.A.S.E. Huck Fest in Twin Falls, ID

paramotor flying twin falls idaho

Here’s the latest from Team Fly Halo pilot Shane Denherder.


Shane met up with Brad on his way out to Oregon powered paragliding training last month for some flying fun.

Shane and Brad encountered some B.A.S.E. jumpers going for it at one of the most premier sites in the USA. Once they saw what was going down, they had to partake in the excitement. Timing jumps with rapid descents and asymmetric spirals, awesome video Shane!

In this video, Shane is flying the all new SCOUT Carbon Fiber Paramotor while Brad is flying a blacked out Parajet Volution Thor 200.

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Speed Bar Installation and Techniques – Motor Minute Series

The latest video in our motor minute series comes from team pilot Shane Denherder. Shane goes over the basics of speed bar use and how to properly hook up the system on a Parajet Volution. Many pilots have never tried speed bar, those guys are really missing out. Speed bar is responsible for adding an overall higher top speed which can be great if caught in a stiff head wind or if you need to make it back to the LZ before it gets dark.


On many free flight gliders, speedbar is the only way to accelerate the glider unlike motor wings that have a trimmer system as well. When it comes to motoring wings, generally trimmers and speed bar account for an equal increase in speed such as 5/5 mph. Considering we fly some of the slowest forms of aviation, these are pretty big increases! Gliders like the Gin Mirage and Paramania GTR can fly at speeds up to and over 40mph (depending on wing loading) with speed bar at full fast!

On non reflex gliders, speed bar can lead to an easier collapse as it’s bringing down the leading edge making in more prone to tucking. Reflex gliders do this as well but they load the glider so that all of the weight is on the front towards the leading edge. This creates much higher wing loading and increases stability.

If you have any questions about how to properly hook up and use your gliders speed system, please give us a call or email!

The speed system should only be used by pilots that have the training to do so.  Video instruction is no substitute for proper teaching of the speed bar system.   Be sure you are experienced enough before going out and trying this on your own!