Is your Paraglider ready for retirement?

How do you know when you paraglider is ready for retirement?

Our wing takes care of us, but do we actually take the time to take care of it in return, and how do you know when it’s time to let her go or hang on?

UV exposure, dirt, moisture and time in flight are just a few examples of how a wing is stressed and can wear overtime.  There is only so much that we can inspect visually.  Do yourself a favor once a year and have a professional repair facility inspect your glider.  Here is a short list of what they will test and look for during the inspection:

  • Risers for fraying or wear on the webbing
  • Cloth for any tears, punctures and porosity
  • Lines for sheath damage, severed, kinked, stretched or shrunk in length

Depending on the brand of paraglider you own, get in touch with your local or favorite repair facility today.. well okay, maybe after this weekend’s flying 😉

As always, if you have any question or need help finding a reputable repair facility, give us a call.

Fly Safe.

Team Fly Halo      855.FLY.HALO

Fix your paramotor tuning issues in less than 3 minutes

94.7% of all tuning issues on a paramotor are linked to one thing and can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

How long has it been since you replaced your spark plug? Before heading out this weekend, replace it. You’ll notice that your paramotor will start easier, runs smoother, produces more power and is less stressful on your entire system.

Have a good weekend and fly safe!

Paramotor Preflight GAME

The New Paramotor Preflight GAME!

Can you spot the differences between the two paramotors?


Lets face it, as we get comfortable with our paramotor kit, we can become complacent and skip the all important preflight.  Can you spot the differences between the two paramotors, and if so, how many?

Paramotor #1 has been preflighted and is ready to go.

Paramotor #2 hasn’t been preflighted, and here is a small list of what is different if you didn’t catch them already:

-One prop bolt is loose

-Fuel tank strap isn’t snug

-Silencer gasket is leaking and needs to be tightened

-Air-box is loose

-Spark plug terminal cap is loose

-One rubber engine mount is starting to crack and needs to be replaced

-And on and on and on…

Do yourself a favor and preflight before every flight.  It’s a lot easier to catch problems on the ground before your propeller catches them in the air.

Give us a call if you have any questions or just need a quick tip.

Fly safe!

Team Fly Halo.


Happy New Year from Team Fly Halo – Training dates, and a “resolution” promotion!

We hope you all are having a wonderful 2015!


We know lots of you have dreamt about personal flight for years, and hope that you have chosen to make 2015 the year you pull the trigger on some top-notch training and equipment!


Team Fy Halo is conducting it’s first session of the year in Morro Bay, CA, February 20th – March 1st.  These group classes are the best way to immerse yourself in the learning environment for your paramotor training, and Team Fly Halo’s comprehensive course is as good as it gets.



Sign up now and save!


For those who have been on the fence for a while, but have decided that 2015 is the year; we’re offering $300 off if you sign up no later than January 10th*


Remember, our training includes admission, in-and-around travel, lodging, and the use of all materials and gear.  This is going to be a great session, with a maximum of six students, and 2-3 instructors.


Call now!


*qualified students must verbally commit to training no later than January 10th, with payment received by January 20th.


Bye Bye, Dudek :/

Team Fly Halo has decided to no longer represent Dudek Paragliders as a dealer in the USA.

Since this past summer, Team Fly Halo has enjoyed flying and representing Dudek in the most positive way possible. We have come to realize that within the US, the brand is more suited to a single-source of representation vs. having a network of dealers. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to send all inquiries about Dudek to it’s USA distributor, Paradrenalin –

It’s all good! We still think they’re a great brand and wish them the very best in the USA market! We’ll miss you guys! Those customers who have purchased Dudek gliders from Team Fly Halo can still count on us for service and support for the life of their wing.

Team Fly Halo

Team Fly Halo News – Salton Sea, Glamis Dunes Filming

Shane Denherder

Team Fly Halo had an awesome get together this past week with all of our team pilots.  Mind you, we are from Montana, Utah and Virginia so it’s always a great time when we can all meet up and do what we love to do – FLY.

We started out our week long trip in Glamis Dunes, California.   Ryan Southwell, expert videographer came out to Glamis and did some insane video work with us (just check out the image above for a screen grab).   Ryan learned to fly earlier this year but you couldn’t tell, he’s a natural and looked great.   We’ve got some amazing footage from Glamis that is going into a high quality video being put together by Ryan.  Stand by for really awesome powered paragliding footage and editing, very different than the standard run of the mill youtube video!

filming with ryan southwell

After spending 3 days in Glamis we headed north west to the Salton Sea fly in where we did more video work with Ryan and got to meet a lot of great people.   We had over 7 Parajet and Gin pilots flying and ended up doing a lot of cool formation work which you will probably see in the video.    Did I mention we have an awesome video coming?   We can’t get over how good the footage is that Ryan captured, we’re all so stoked!!

All 3 of us did a ton of flying on the new 24m Gin Mirage and came away very impressed.  It is a very stable, fast and efficient glider.  The best part about it though is it’s handling!

Spiraling down on Chris Santacroce


Thanks to Chris and Othar from Redbull for taking pictures of us in the “Gin Squad.”   We all threw down and had a killer time!


Here’s Your Motor Minute From Team Fly Halo

Check out the first video in our new series called ‘Motor Minute.’   We aim to make this sport safer and will continue to throw out helpful tips and tricks that will help fellow pilots.    Please subscribe to our youtube channel and like the video if you found it helpful!

 In this video, team pilot Byron Leisek shows us how to make a redundant system safer on the Parajet Volution paramotor.  This setup will work on many other weight shift style paramotors.

Happy New Year everyone!  See you in 2013.

Team Fly Halo Representing @ Monument Valley 2012

Team Pilot Shane Denherder put together this amazing clip of some seriously awesome flying action at this years Monument Valley fly in.   The conditions got pretty rough out there this year but our Gin gliders handled everything awesome!  We had the Gin Mirage out there testing it out and were very impressed.  The Gin Mirage is a reflex glider that was rocked solid the entire time.   Not to mention it is very fast!  We were recording speeds with trims out @ 36mph.   More of that later though, we’ll have a review up shortly.    We had a great representation of our Parajet Paramotors line up that everyone seemed to be salivating over.

Enough chatter, on with the video!


See you next year!

Thanks for Participating in the Monument Valley 2012 Poker Run

Thanks to all of those who entered into Team Fly Halo’s poker run @ Monument Valley.  Congratulations to Barak Naggan for winning this years Poker Run, we hope you enjoy your Spot Messenger!

Of those that turned in photos,  Joe O had the most “creative attempt” turning in a picture of a plush “wild donkey” toy with it’s head jammed in a chain link fence.  Nice one Joe and thanks for putting on another great event.





Students Soloed, Awesome Labor Day Training Session

Team Fly Halo had a major success during it’s first official training in Pacific City, Oregon- adding 4 new members to TFH!    We had a great turn out with past alumni and our current students.   The condition were great for dialing in top notch kiting skills and even some ridge soaring!   When it came time to motor, everyone did great.  All of the students loved the Parajet Volution on the ground and even more so in the air.  The Volution performed perfectly for us all.  Equipped with the Thor 100, it had plenty of power for a wide range of pilot weights.

Andy, our newest member of Team Fly Halo was able to make his dreams come true and take flight, not letting a prosthetic leg get in his way.  He was truly an inspiration for us all.  We are happy he chose Team Fly Halo and even more happy we we’re able to share such a special moment with him.     We’ve got lots of video and pictures on the way so keep checking back.

Welcome to the team Scott, Andy, Jim and Ryan!

If you missed out on this training, no worries!  We have already scheduled the next session in Galveston, Texas.  We will be conducting training down there from November 2nd to the 9th, see you there.