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"Adventure Flying" is a broad sweeping term that encapsulates all of the risky, exciting, courageous, and strange things that bold pilots attempt on these crazy contraptions. Flying a PPG to the top of a 10,000ft mountain range, loading up with gas and oil and attempting to fly as far as possible in one day, flying with camping gear and setting off into the hills for an overnight excursion, we love it all.

We believe that adventure flying is in all of us, that is, when a person first starts to dream of PPG flying, they typically do not dream of taking off and landing in the same field week after week without any exploration or pushing of personal limits. (although the act of flying a PPG alone is quite adventurous)

Adventure flying takes skills, discipline, experience, and judgement; and it doesn't all click at once. When we first started out, we would push our limits just a little bit with mini-adventures - flying 20 miles and top-landing on a prominent mountain. Taking off in the morning and heading to a rural gas station for a refill and a sandwich. Or crossing a mountain range during ideal weather and having a friend pick us up on the other side.

Are you ready to take the next step to Adventure?

2022 Advanced/Adventure Training

For experienced pilots. Classes being planned for July and August :). Shoot us an email if you are interested!


Absolute adventure and absolute comradery! Epic cross country adventure for experienced pilots September 2022. Details coming soon!

Iceland 2019 with Scout

Bahamas 2019 with Tucker Gott

Adventure Wingman

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