OneWheel electric skateboard

Onewheel - Epic Paramotor Lifestyle Accessory

When you can't fly, float

Okay, why is this contraption being offered on a paramotor website? Because they’re awesome, and we want to share the word. There’s a term in paragliding/paramotoring, used to describe the time spent sitting on the ground waiting for the weather to get better, it’s called para-waiting.

OneWheel is an excellent Paramotoring Lifestyle Accessory

The ultimate para-waiting distraction

We started riding Onewheels a few years ago, as they are very practical transportation when running around at our training classes. They also came in super-handy when hanging out at a fly-in for the weekend. They’re just so fun that they sort of became addictive, and it soon became one of the more popular accessories in the paramotor world. Why are they so apt to accompany a paramotor? We can’t explain it, but we think that people that enjoy the sensation of flight just take to the OneWheel naturally.

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Scouts and Onewheels

The next best thing to flying

It's pretty hard to explain why this thing is so awesome. After all, it's a really expensive gadget that just doesn't have a lot of practical purpose.

...maybe that's why it fits in so well with paramotoring.

We've been in the business of expensive toys for a long time, and you'll just have to take our word for it on this one (or demo one when you see us hovering around your next fly-in). We use ours in the place of a "pit bike" when hanging around the flying field/events. With a 12mi range they're great for a quick trip to the convenience store, urban commutes, and we've even taken them on big group rides at fly-ins when the weather is too sketchy for any of the pilots to fly. One guy on our team uses his to cruise his neighborhood with his 2-year-old while kiddo rides his balance bike. Another on our team uses it to explore while his electric car is charging.

It’s like riding a magic carpet. Floating just off the ground and carving turns, Onewheels are easy to learn and intuitive to ride. Simply jump on, lean in the direction you want to go, and tip your toes/heels to steer. Want more speed? We promise this thing can scare you, just lean forward a bit more.

One pointer we would give when you adopt the Onewheel lifestyle: take a look at your carbohydrate and sugar intake, and perhaps make some cuts. After you have this thing, you're going to absolutely refuse to walk anywhere.


Instructor Boyd finding new ways to rip on the OneWheel

Two uniquely awesome models


OneWheel XR - eXtra Radical

For maximum fun, we present the mack-daddy of them all. The XR is our pick for parawaiting shenanigans as it's 12-18 mi range allows for all-day shredding.


OneWheel Pint - Extra Portable

For half-day shredding, the Pint is a smaller package than the XR, slightly more nimble, more portable, half the cost, and boasts a more modest range of 6mi before having to charge back up. All the same intuitive riding experience, just a cute little fella. Bonus - the Pint's smaller battery allows it to travel as checked baggage on an airplane.

Shredding it on the Onewheel

Is it for me?

Chances are, if you've spent more than 15 seconds looking at this page, you're already obsessed with the idea. Give us a call to discuss the finer features/experience, we've got the fix!

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