Cross-Country Advanced Adventure Training

Gather your camping gear, strap a motor on your back, launch, fly, land and sleep the night under the stars. The next day return home or maybe you continue on for a deeper adventure. Maybe you’re flying across the County, the State or even to another country.

You’re only limited by your imagination; possibly some skills and XC motoring knowledge.

Team Fly Halo XC Adventure Trainings will help you make these adventure dreams become a reality with a three level (module) program, taking you from a novice ambitious pilot to an advanced and skilled XC master.

Module 1:  July 27 - July 31  in NW MONTANA

Module 2:  August 4 - August 8  in NW MONTANA

What’s Included?

Module 1

July 27 - July 31 in NW Montana

During Module 1 you will be introduced to the following skills using 1:1 instruction, HD digital recording and playback to use during the training and for you to take home, enabling you to perfect your new techniques at your own pace:

  • Intro to cross wind, restricted space & additional advanced launching and landing techniques
  • High wind landings
  • Motor out simulations - spot landings
  • Detailed weather forecasting
  • Basic information on how to plan a successful solo & group XC, including briefing requirements
  • Everything you need to know, hands on, for your motor up to 100 hours (carb/belt/muffler, etc)
  • Basic XC Equipment you will need and how to use it (fuel bladder/navs/comms)
  • A guided XC adventure with potential overnight camping (subject to weather conditions)

Module 1 is designed to introduce you to the above advanced techniques for you to go home and perfect. Once your confidence and skill level has improved with these skills you will be ready for Module 2!


Module 2

August 4 - August 8 in NW Montana

If you have completed and perfected or already have the skills from Module 1, you are ready to get going in Module 2! Again, you will be taught using 1:1 instruction, HD digital recording and playback available during the training and to take home:

  • Water landings & practical harness extraction while in the water with motor
  • Low wind downwind launch & landing techniques
  • Power reverse & additional advanced launching skills
  • Three sided, restricted LZ landings & other advanced landing techniques
  • Long range detailed weather forecasting
  • Advanced solo & group XC flight planning
  • Hands on demo & instruction of full top end dismantle, clean, repair, rebuild & more
  • Advanced XC equipment use & setup
  • Non-guided but supervised 2 day, one night XC adventure (subject to weather conditions)

Once you have learned and perfected all of the above, you will be ready for Module 3!


Module 3

For those pilots that have completed Modules 1 & 2 or already have the required skills, Module 3 is here to provide you with a truly unique XC experience.

This module is a practical, supported 7 day XC Adventure. Each participant will plan at least one stage of the route; refueling options, camping, comms, full pre and post flight briefings and of course, leading the entire group on a fun and successful XC. Each pilot will bring their own equipment required for camping excluding cooking requirements. Team Fly Halo will support the Adventure with transport (when needed), food, beverages, instruction and spare parts.

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