Miniplane Paramotor

Miniplane Paramotor
MiniPlane Paramotors

The venerable Miniplane, combined with the bulletproof Top80 engine has been a benchmark of PPG for over two decades, and there’s a reason why - it’s simple and it works. Even with its long heritage it’s STILL one of the most capable paramotors on the market today.

Weighing in at 47lbs, sporting a simplistic flexible cage and a reliable gas-sipping motor; this is the perfect paramotor for lightweight or petite pilots, pilots who appreciate a quiet PPG experience, or pilots who just want to relax and cruise the beach.

The Miniplane’s base design has been copied and copied, so much so that Miniplane-copies or “variants” account for nearly half of the current market of paramotors available today.

The Miniplane sports comfortable gooseneck arms, a clutched Top80 engine, 12L fuel tank, and a simple “tent pole” style cage. We usually find that the Miniplane is most suitable for pilots under 160lbs, but pilots up to 220 can still enjoy this lightweight, quiet, and compact paramotor.

For those who love the miniplane package but want more climb performace, it is also available with the Moster 185 Plus engine. This enables high altitude takeoffs, easy tandem flying, or high performance small-wing flying. For us, we like the Miniplane with the smaller, modest-power engine as it compliments the lightweight feel and compact package of the unit.

Chat us up and tell us about your flying style! We’ll be happy to give insight into how the Miniplane might fit your particular mission.

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